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She began her career working for Y&R, an American international advertising company as junior account executive. In 1982, due to her marriage to a Dutch citizen, she took up residence in The Netherlands where she continued career, working in the marketing department of an international Oil Company at The Hague.

After nearly fifteen years involved in the business world, Charo went back to painting attending the evening preparation courses of the Fine Arts Academy Willem de Kooning in Rotterdam. In 1996 she started her studies and obtained her Fine Arts degree (painting and graphic arts) in July, 2001.

Charo Aymerich is  a full time painter and works at her home studio in Rotterdam where she resides. Although she dedicates most of her time to portrait commissions, Charo exhibits her oil paintings, etchings and portrait photography regularly. She was awarded the first prize of the annual Villa de Madrid painting contest in 1999 and represented The ​Netherlands at the 2002 Florence Biennalle of Contemporary Art.​

"After years of experimenting with different pictorial styles and techniques, reality has become the key factor. A means of expressing passion for the visual side of existence. My work should go forward not by means of imagination or abstraction but by observation"


Charo Aymerich  (1955 Madrid, Spanje)  


Spain-born, Holland-based artist, Charo Aymerich developed an interest in fine arts very early in her life. She attended drawing and painting lessons during her primary school education at her school San José de Cluny and attended the preparation courses for the famous Fine Art Academy of Madrid (Academia de Dibujo Peña, Plaza Mayor)  during her time at secondary school.
Although painting and history of art  were her main interests, she decided to pursue a career in marketing, obtaining her university degree in Communication Sciences in 1980 at the Facultad de Ciencias de la Informacion of the Universidad Complutense of Madrid.

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